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The name, of course, is a reference to The Band's "The W. Walcott Medicine Show," a 1970 tune that paid tribute to the traveling medicine shows of Levon Helm's youth.For a group that proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, though, the Walcotts aren't some revivalist band, stuck mimicking the retro sounds of an era that's long since past.Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and raised in the nearby town of Fairfield, Mayer began playing blues as a teenager.By 1997, his skill on the electric guitar was enough to warrant admission into the Berklee College of Music, although Mayer dropped out after two semesters to pursue a songwriting career in Atlanta.THE WALCOTTSThe Walcotts play genre-bending Americana music.Armed with a large lineup, the Los Angeles-based band — whose membership includes two singers, a horn section, a fiddle player, a pedal steel guitarist, a pianist, and a rhythm section — take inspiration from more than a half century's worth of American traditions.

Mayer secured a deal with Aware Records in early 2000, and recording sessions for his debut album commenced later that year with producer John Alagia, renowned for his work with Dave Matthews and Ben Folds Five.Derryberry and Alagia were also an acoustic rock duo, having released three albums and done extensive touring along the East Coast.Together, they recorded and produced many Mid-Atlantic acts ranging from DMB, Vertical Horizon, Edwin Mc Cain to Ben Folds Five and others. C.'s famed musical output has been under the umbrella of go-go, jazz or hardcore, but if adult contemporary from ten years ago is more your speed, this house on the Eastern Shore may be of interest.The name John Alagia might not ring any bells, but the people that he has worked with on albums probably do.

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