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I ran a small hot script that would post ID number to the URL and checked relevant returned html text for match.Recently (probably because elections are passed) the site stopped supplying names, but only confimed whether registered or not... Did you know: The current SA ID Number algorithm was created by my uncle Pieter den Boer (ex Q-Data, Brainware...) while working at IBM in the 1980's.The following links are available: According to the provisions of the Identification Amendment Act, 2000 (Act No.28 of 2000, which was promulgated on 13 October 2000) all forms of identity documents other than the green bar-coded identity document are invalid.A company/organisation shows POI by proving its legal status.

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It provides validation of a person ID by calculating the check-digit (digit-13), and extracts the date-of-birth, gender, citizenship, sequence and other information.For example, if you deploy PEAP-TLS, do not also deploy EAP-TLS.Specifies that the client verifies that server certificates presented to the client computer have the correct signatures, have not expired, and were issued by a trusted root certification authority (CA).Documents presented as POI must show the applicant's signature and current residential address.Young adults and companies/organisations have special POI requirements (see overleaf).

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