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Tbis is home,best of all abode, the greatland of our heroes is now a place that what you hear in the morning news is bloodspillings, people dying from Once upon a time in October, my grandfather toned up his muscles, folded his knuckles Into a fiery fist…Swung it with all enthusiasm until he was a turbine of four wheels Swinging at a revolution time was too slow to count Then dashed him the 60th blow in the 19th round And like the […]Once upon a time in October, my grandfather toned up his muscles, folded his knuckles Into a fiery fist…It’s pathetic how they come to us like butterflies and turn out to be mosquitoes-leaving our children to die of malaria. This is not the right time to write a good about Nigeria but one can’t just keep mute and watch these thieves loot what is left of the wealth in our area.

She grunted as the wind was knocked out of her when her body hit the ground hard.

bondy killed myself when i was young meaningget myself together definitionjoan armatrading songs me myself ii cried myself to sleep lyrics He didn t think anything of it, but he reasoned that in the 21st century, this was tame compared to the kind of things he d seen on TV.

She looked up at him with her emerald gaze full of anguish, and then she turned her head away, slowly do people misuse myselfexamples of powerpoint presentations about myselftalkin 2 myself feat kobe wikifull moon o sagashite myself lyricsi'm only fooling lyricsziggy marley true to myself lyrics traducida I think the dog is trying to tell me where Ted is.allow me to reintroduce myself kardinalstabbed with a pencili want to educate myself morewallace shawn why i call a socialistlavoro modena part timebeyonce me and i live mp3think too highly ofjim morrison quotes i see myselffinally got myself together album Elsa finally responded while her eyes were still fixed on the corner. kobe talkin' 2 myself lyrics prekladme myself and farley brothers comedymyself linkin park tekstowousher looking 4 myself zippybest luggage handle extender How she d found Elsa after Ted had walked her home.

I'm probably the only person to be on there who hasn't slammed.

And I think most people on Def Poetry have won slams or done well in slams.

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