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These notes are designed to help other online newbies navigate the exotic world of dating through wi-fi. The advice is real, the stories true, but the names have been changed.

In this system, sources are briefly cited in parentheses in the text by author's last name and date of publication.We plan to question dating rules, provide dating guidelines, challenge the way things are and dispel dating myths. As two Australian girls, for the past 21 years (42 collectively) we have come to only one conclusion about men: WE DON'T GET THEM! And as for fashion - you wouldn't exactly call them a trend-setter.We don't pretend to be "sex-perts" but we are undertaking this dating pilgrimage in our high heel shoes together, with you, to discover the mysterious world of men. So, because we are supposedly running out of time, we are going to try and figure them out. Our definition of a Plain Jane: They have attractive features but they're not distinctive and they wouldn't stop traffic. They like clothes, and attempt to follow fashion trends, but functionality always wins out over fashion and they opt for basic outfits.They have done their hair, applied just the right amount of make-up, and are wearing something sexy but not slutty, edgy but not weird, and a hot pair of heels - they would have gotten inspiration from the latest Vogue magazine. They have tied their hair back in a ponytail, wear little or no make-up, and are wearing something frumpy that does little for their figure, doesn't match, and a "whatever" pair of flats - they probably picked an outfit from their wardrobe with their eyes closed.All of the girls talk to at least one guy that night, and everyone feels that their conversations went well.

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