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Use the following Share Point power shell script to change the seal property of the location column: Replace “yoursite” and “Your Calendar” with your own site address and calendar name.$web = Get-SPWeb $list = $web. To prevent this from happening you should change the default value of the “Activate Event” column to “No” so that attendees will not receive any invitations.

You can then base the location column on your custom location column using a Share Point designer workflow that runs when an item is created or changed.

Here you can choose Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. We will discuss another option in future tutorials.

Now test your connection; if it is successful then proceed to the next section. Figure 8Next, configure the database table or Stored Procedure from which the data will be retrieved. Here you can choose to order by or use advanced SQL commands. But the code above is not finished until you make a design and data bound for the List View. Data Access in List View Control by SQL Server Now we will learn how to fill a List View by SQL Server queries and ASP.

Web Provisioned: event arise after the web is totally provisioned and process has stopped up.

Web Provisioned can be configured to control in any synchronous or asynchronous methods.

You can then use an event receiver to set the location based on your custom location in Item Adding and Item Updating. Get Method("Set Field Bool Value",$flags) $arr = @() $arr ="Sealed" $arr =$false $Set Field Bool Value.I have created/bound an Event Receiver to a document library in Share Point 2010 to read the content of an excel file and load a list from the content. You can deploy it either from the stsadm command or you can deploy it using the Share Point Central Administration site. So you cannot just deploy it for a single site collection. Now you can create unique columns in Share Point lists. Now open the list settings page and open the Information management Policy Settings link. I hope this will help implementing unique column/field in Share Point list. Net (8) General (3) MOSS (16) Share Point 2010 (38) Share Point 2013 (9) XSLT (3) WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better.

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