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But the thing about Costco is that most of the merchandise is not packaged in large single containers.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you could end up with way more plastic from Costco than you would otherwise.

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It's called the Costco Effect, and it's actually part of the store's incredibly successful retail strategy.So tonight, I visited Costco with my camera to see if we really could save plastic by buying large containers there.What I found is that yes, if you don’t have access to a store with bulk bins, you can buy large bags of rice or beans or large containers of laundry detergent or ibuprofen and save some plastic.But the effect on your wallet is that you spent more than you would have if you'd never seen that "bargain."5 things to buy at Costco6 Clever Tricks for Holiday Shoppers Not So Fast: 7 Things to Buy After Christmas Here are four product categories where you're better off going somewhere other than Costco.Designer Clothes You might score the occasional pair of Lucky jeans or a Speedo swimsuit, but designer duds aren't exactly Job 1 at Costco.

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