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Who will it be – Nick and Rachel or Chris and Sarah?And, as always, there's only one prize in Bachelor Pad.Yes, that's kinda rude considering they're their fans, but whatever.Things got interesting when the winners of the challenge were actually two Super Fans, Brittany and David. The prize for winning was a fantasy date for the two, er, three of them (remember, the twins play together).

Season 2 winner Stagliano cashed in on his prize money but struck out at love, so he'll be moving into the mansion to put everything on the line for another chance.

The Houston socialite was booted by Maynard after he referred to her 6-year-old daughter as “baggage.” Mc Mahon will be up against the winner of the previous season of , Michael Stagliano.

Although Stagliano won the season, he suffered the humiliation of discovering that his former fiancée Holly Durst had fallen in love and gotten engaged with fellow contestant Blake Julian. STORY: ' Bachelor' Producers Settle Lawsuit with Spoiler Website ' Reality Steve' Joining the dating-show vets will be five newcomers, labeled "super fans," who were chosen from an open call.

The trio enjoyed a stroll on the boardwalk and some rides, followed by an impromptu (or was it? Meanwhile, things got steamy back at the house, with Chris (who was apparently Blakely's property) and Jamie getting hot and heavy in private, until Jaclyn and Blakely busted in on them and ruined the mood. At the first rose ceremony, it was time to send one guy and one girl home, but being that it was the first episode, we weren't too emotionally attached to anyone to really care.

Especially when it turned out to be two Super Fans (no offense).

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