Chelsea handler dating life

Whether Ben “got outed” or “outed” himself, he’s rolling with it, and Jen is too.

She’s had a lot of sourced quotes with Southern shade about how Ben can’t be alone, along with her side of the story confronting Lindsay about the affair.

I totally thought I kept it together.' she explained to her assistant doing the filming.'I thought I was killing it, walked out of the van, ate sh**, and now here I am on the toilet holding a tampon.'The clip was captioned: 'I don't even know if I have my period'.

In another Snapchat Chelsea got some help brushing her teeth as she iced her sore knee.

Comedian Chelsea Handler trolled President Donald Trump with a photograph of herself and two friends holding Nordstrom bags in front of the White House.'A Jew and a gay went to pick a Muslim up from the airport, headed straight to Nordstrom, and then headed over to @whitehouse to give our thanks! Handler was mocking Trump's controversial travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries while promoting the high-end retailer, which the president says 'unfairly' dropped his daughter's fashion brand.

She captioned the photo with: “Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better #kremlin”The picture was swiftly deleted by Instagram, which has been criticised over the past few months for its disproportionate rulings on female nudity. Earlier this week, Facebook was forced to reinstate a picture of a mother breastfeeding after deleting it because it “breached nudity rules”.

Handler then shared a screen grab of the message she’d received by the social media channel, informing her that her original post had been removed.“If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it's ok, but not a woman? The mother of two posted the image on a pro-breastfeeding community page.

His recollection, I soon found out, was that I forced myself on him and wouldn't give up until he agreed to be my boyfriend.

We were together for two and a half years, and then we weren't.

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