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“In a few minutes they can be up and running, and finding someone who hopes that what they’re saying is the truth.”.READ MORE: New dating app ‘Hater’ brings people together over shared aversions But as an outsider looking in, what should you do if you catch someone cheating on their partner online?So if your spouse's picture pops up, you know what that means.

To get started, I create a profile with a fake name and a dark picture of myself and chart a plan. Then I'll meet a few of them for a drink, but there will be no drunkenness. The rest of what I say is mostly true, and to weed out the more aggressive guys, my tone comes off as exploratory, not sexual. They list measurements and ask for yours, as though it's merely a matter of fitting one puzzle piece into another. Instead, I respond to the thoughtful ones, whose tales might help answer my questions.People can, obviously, cheat without the aid of that site—and historically have.But if your husband or wife is on Ashley Madison, you may want to think about your marriage just a wee bit. Said Biderman: “In the New York area in particular, with successful people there may be more cheating going on because the more opportunity you’re given — and that’s the reason you see athletes, celebrities and politicians involved in affairs — the more other people thrust themselves at you.” Make a note: These New York City cheating opportunists apparently reside in Park Slope, the Upper East Side, Forest Hills, Tri Be Ca, and, at number 6 on the list, New City, which is an affluent suburb just north of Manhattan (no word on which of these regions have Fi OS).There's a gender divide in cheating that Biderman discusses as well, saying that female cheating is linked to success (the more successful, the more likely to cheat) while men cheat after having kids.

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