Brainiac online dating

On that note, I’ve rounded up a list of some niche, and even seriously strange, online dating sites. Age, status and background are no longer obstacles to love and today’s young man loves the confident, experienced woman who knows exactly what she wants.

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Brainiac is then seen using his various tentacles and technological expertise to crush Superman before finishing him off with help from his robotic minions.Legend has it that when the Codex pieces are all reunited, with the power of the Dragonfire that they will open the doorway to the realm containing Ultimate Power.: The Winx must now face a new enemy- the sorcerer Baltor.The Kryptonian scientist Jor-El is collecting data from an ice field on the planet Krypton.The computer Brainiac, which is in charge of monitoring all major operations on Krypton, denies this.Jor-El is unable to convince Krypton’s rulers of the planet’s impending doom, and his recommendation to transport all Kryptonians to the Phantom Zone to escape the explosion proves unpopular.

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