Bayonet dating

The engagement occurred near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania during Howe's campaign to take Philadelphia, part of the Revolutionary War.

Blade Length - 19" (482.5mm) Handle Length - N/A Total Length - 21.65" (550mm) Muzzle Ring Diameter - .735" (18.7mm) Issued with: Vetterli Model 1869/71, Model 1871 Stutzer Manufacturers: Unknown Description: The models 18 bayonets were very similar in appearance.Finally a border guard variant with a shorter 18.8" (470mm) straight back blade variant and a fuller on both sides of the blade also existed.Blade Length - 18.9" (480mm) Handle Length - 4.37 " (111mm) Total Length - 23.6" (600mm) Muzzle Ring Diameter - .725" (18mm) Issued with: Vetterli Model 1881 Manufacturers: SIG Neuhausen Description: The Model 1881 differs from the 1878 in only minor ways.As two of the soldiers provided fire support, Cpl Jones prepared a hand grenade for the final assault. Before this, the locals were wary of us but this showed they could trust us to protect them from the enemy and that we wouldn't endanger them while doing it," Cpl Jones said.He raced towards an alley and was about to throw the grenade but said he realised that the buildings were occupied so put the grenade away. "We built good relationships, chatting to them on patrols, kicking balls around with the children.

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